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Australian Total Diet Study

(June 2019)

FSANZ monitors the food supply to ensure that existing food regulatory measures provide adequate protection of consumer health and safety. The Australian Total Diet Study (ATDS) is part of that monitoring and is conducted approximately every two years. FSANZ coordinates the study and the State and Territory food regulatory agencies collect the samples.

The Australian Total Diet Study, formerly known as the Australian Market Basket Survey, is Australia’s most comprehensive assessment of consumers’ dietary exposure (intake) to pesticide residues, contaminants and other substances in food.

To achieve the most accurate dietary exposure estimates, the foods examined are representative of a typical Australian diet, with foods prepared as they are typically consumed prior to analysis. As a consequence, both raw and cooked foods are examined. For example, the potatoes are cooked.

The study provides valuable data that can also be used to inform the development of food regulatory measures. The results are also an invaluable resource for other regulatory agencies such as the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority when considering registration of chemical products.

The most recent studies completed include:




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